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Referral Department (please check all that apply, must check at least 1)
 Cardiology: Etienne Cote (Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology))
 Ophthalmology: Kelli Combs Ramey (ACVO Diplomate)
 Internal Medicine: Kevin Cosford (Diplomate ACVIM), Debra Henderson (Diplomate ACVIM), Chantal McMillan (Diplomate ACVIM)
 Oncology: Glenna Mauldin (Diplomate ACVIM), Neal Mauldin (Diplomate ACVIM and Diplomate ACVR)
 Rehabilitation: Caroline Dahlen (DVM)
 Radiology: Nic Rousset (Diplomate ECVDI)
 Surgery: Terri Schiller (Diplomate ACVS), Russell Fugazzi (Diplomate ACVS)
 Anesthesiology: Matt Read (Diplomate ACVA), Daniel Pang (Diplomate ACVA and Diplomate ECVAA)

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Relevant Medical Records will be sent via:
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 With Client
 Fax (403-770-1344)
 Courier Service

Lab Results will be sent via:
 Email or Online (
 With Client
 Fax (403-770-1344)
 Courier Service

Radiographs will be sent via:
 Email or Online (
 With Client
 Fax (403-770-1344)
 Courier Service

History and Physical Findings

Laboratory / Radiographic / Biopsy Information

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Outpatient Radiology (please incl history and other info in space above):
 Ultrasound   Cystocentesis   Consent for Sedation (CBC/Chem within 2 wks)
                          FNA (normal platelet count within 1 week)
 Radiographic Interpretation (please email DICOM images to )
 CT (Please enter study requested below (requires CBC, chem, UA & PE within 2 wks))

If you cannot be reached and there is a concern regarding the stability of the patient, may we transfer to appropriate specialist for treatment if we deem the situation needs to be dealt with on an emergent basis?